A blog is an excellent way to keep your visitors coming back to read fresh new content on your website. You can share all the latest news, updates, stories and experiences with your customers with your blog. There are virtually endless ways in which you can utilise your blog to engage with your customers. It is an excellent way to communicate stories that emphasise your products, services and experiences.


What is a blog?

Your website comes with a blog editor. This enables you to create posts. These are written articles. You’re reading a blog right now. Posts can have images, videos, links, tables and many more ways to presenting information. A blog is a tool that can be used in many ways depending on which content suits your business. For example, you could have a ‘Latest News’ section where you post about new products or changes in your industry. Your content must appeal to your customers. You could publish how-to articles offering visitors a chance to learn skills they can accomplish with your products.


How can I set up this feature?

It starts by having some ideas about the topics you wish to publish on your website. We will discuss this at your Initial Consultation and I will help you think of suitable topics for your business. The technical setup is all in place and ready-to-go for you when your website is complete.


Is it difficult to run a blog?

Categories and tags are essential to running your blog. They’re easy to figure out – categories are the broad topics such as ‘Product Launches‘, ‘Success Stories‘ or ‘Industry News‘. You simply write your article and choose which categories the story fits into. Tags are key words from your post that describe it. This is how your website and search engines like Google know how to match peoples search queries to content on your blog. As an example, the tags for this article are: blog, content, customers, feature, learn. When visitors search any of these terms on this site, this article will be  a result thanks to tagging.

Creating authentic and interesting stories on a regular basis is the true magic of your blog. Content that your customers find valuable will keep them visiting your site to read more, and in the process your contact details and services could catch their eyes. You can directly create posts, or have your staff take care of this, on a regular basis to give visitors a reason to check back regularly.

The back end of your website, thanks to WordPress, is at its core a content management system. Publishing articles like this is central and designed to be very easy and user friendly to do. Your website comes with Basic Documentation which I’ve prepared to cover all of the basic tasks, including managing your blog.

The system allows you to upload many posts and have them ready-to-go, but to publish at set dates in the future according to a schedule. This means you can allocate some time, say once per month, to create content and have it post automatically at any time you wish in the future. Regular, scheduled content keeps your visitors coming back and also helps with SEO.


How can I get this on my website?

Blogs are standard on all of my Website Packages. Whichever package you opt for, you will be getting a blog setup and ready-to-use by your business. That’s if you decide to avail of it, in the event that you aren’t interested in running a blog or news section it can be hidden from your visitors.


How much does it cost to run a blog?

There is no running cost for a blog. It’s a built-in part of your website and will only require the human effort to create and post content on a regular basis. The cost of setting this feature up initially is included within all packages.