You’ve probably heard the term ‘Landing Page‘ be mentioned when websites are discussed. What exactly is a Landing Page? Do you need one for your website? This article takes a look at the difference between Landing Pages and a typical website. It’s a very quick explanation in plain English. Let’s get into it…


What is a Landing Page?

First, lets clarify – a Landing Page is not something you have on your website, it’s actually an approach to your website. Instead of having a website formed of various webpages (like this one) you have a single page. This page is very long and has multiple sections conveying your business to its visitors. You still have a menu bar along the top, but clicking each option will simply scroll the view to the corresponding section. It is very concise and clear, displaying upfront everything customers need to know about your business. It means your content to be front and centre and not hidden in a webpage somewhere in the background that visitors might miss.


Is it better than a typical website?

It really depends on how well your business lends itself to the idea of a Landing Page. If you have a lot of detailed information to convey that you know customers deem important, then it might not be for your business. On the flip side, if you want to touch a little bit on every aspect of your business and encourage a visit or a call, it could be the perfect appetiser for visitors. If you are running an online store and/or booking system and other special features then a Landing Page would not give sufficient detail and practical space to deliver a good experience to customers. Thankfully, we can discuss this at your Initial Consultation – so don’t worry too much about whether this suits your business.


What do Landing Pages look like?

This is the exciting bit – because rather than explain, you can experience first hand what a landing page is like. My Live Examples section has 200+ websites showcasing industry specific examples you can actually visit and try out. They primarily exhibit how the website looks and is laid out, and most have a Landing Page example as one of the pages. This gives you the unique opportunity to see the single page, alongside a few other conventional pages for the same business and style.

Why not head over to the Live Examples section, find your industry and browse some examples. Look for the ‘Landing’ option on the menu of each to see the Landing Page for that example. You’ll see that it’s pretty much all of the other pages, summarised into one. Think: could this suit my business?


Can I have a Landing Page and a typical website?

Usually you decide between one of the other. However, there is one situation where Landing Pages can be used in addition to a typically structured website. This is to have all of your information displayed across a series of webpages and to use Landing Pages for special offers, product launches etc. In other words, for a specific purpose. Promoting products and events. These may be only visible by clicking a link you sent in email marketing to customers, leading them to make a purchase or booking. This is the only time that both a standard website could benefit from also having a Landing Page at the same time. It’s another thing we can discuss at your Initial Consultation if you decide to work with me on your website project.


How can I get my business a Landing Page website?

You’re at the right place. Working with Shane Bunting on your website brings a number of advantages to your business. Thanks to my streamlined three-step process, it’s no hassle at all to get a great website and stay in control. Fixed Pricing and Website Packages mean there is no risk of paying too much or not getting what you signed up for. One-to-One Training Sessions are also available to help you master running your website. These are practical and personal sessions, that focus on your priorities and progress at your pace. Browse the site and find out more about Shane Bunting. When you’re ready it’s easy to get in touch and request a call back.