What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’ refers to the things you can do in the design of your website. These are efforts to appear sooner on search engines like Google and Bing. This is important because customers will search for businesses like yours on search engines, which direct them to your website. 


What is ‘Basic SEO’?

When you work with me on your website, I will ensure all of the essential SEO practices are baked into your website. This means you don’t need to consider its structure, content or other aspects. It’s all taken care of. Every website I build will have the latest essential SEO practices applied. 


How can I understand and succeed at SEO?

It’s true that SEO is a jointly a marketing task and a technical task. This is a hot topic in the marketing world and is always changing in line with customer habits and the decisions made by companies like Google. Many large businesses will hire an SEO expert because they simply don’t have the time to keep up with and understand SEO to a high standard. But SEO is essential to getting found on the internet by your customers, so what should you do? 

Worry not. I build your website with a back-end feature called Yoast SEO. This handy little plugin features on the back end of your website and underneath each section when you create a page or blog post. It gives you easy to understand bullet points and instruction on how to structure or modify your content. This ensures content is SEO friendly and helps you avoid habits that can make content less relevant to visitors and search engines. It means you can easily work in line with whatever the latest SEO practices are and get the most from your website. 

Should you ever decide to work with a marketing consultant or agency down the line, they will be familiar with Yoast and how to help you further optimise it. This is an example of how I always use the leading and best technologies when building your website. 


How do I get Search Engine Optimisation on my website?

Every website has Basic SEO included in the price. That means it’s all ready to go without any effort needed on your part from day one. And as mentioned above, you have a tool built-in which coaches you on ensuring you make SEO friendly content without needing to be an expert. There is no additional running cost for Basic SEO. Premium options to get even further guidance and impact is available from Yoast, which remain a future option for 


How do I know if Search Engine Optimisation is working? 

It can be confusing to know how far your SEO efforts are going. Many online measuring tools use limited metrics and cost money to monitor. In theory, the sooner your website shows up in a relevant Google search, the better your SEO is. However, external factors may impact this success. For example, if your competitors have a longer online presence or pay for premium ads from Google, it may show your website below competitors. 

Even with the best content and relevance, your website will take time to begin to rank higher on search engines. This happens over time organically as your business builds its presence. The more customers who search for you online, the more important Google realises your website is. It will gradually become higher in the result rankings for relevant searches. Ensuring your key details such as location, services and brand name are repeated across your website helps Google match it to your potential customers.