Make your website visitors become customers with a booking system. Enabling a way for them to book and pay for services at their own leisure. If you offer services with appointments, beauty treatments or training then you may benefit from this feature on your website.


What is a Booking System?

A booking system is a website feature, or facility that is available to your visitors. It allows them to choose a service, time and other relevant factors to engage with your business. This may be the ability to choose a time slot, appointment or tour, for example. When you book a flight or hotel room online, you experience the convenience of a booking system,


What features can my system have?

  • Time Slot Booking / Reservations
  • Easy to use calendar / time interface
  • Handles business hours, service availability and buffer times
  • Single or multiple customer bookings (great for events!)
  • Special pricing / offers option
  • Enforce confirmation
  • Handles cancellations
  • Send reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Prevention of double-booking
  • Syncs with your Google Calendar
  • Compatible with other services to take deposits, follow-ups and more


How much does it cost?

Your Booking System is available and setup within the cost of your website package. This feature is a third-party plugin for your website, and requires an annual fee each year of approximately £180. Running costs are not payable initially, though expect to pay these annually starting approximately 12 months after handover. This cost is easily offset, particularly by businesses which have a core offering of ‘bookable’ services. Your website drastically increases visibility and ease of attracting customers compared to if you do not have an booking system. You also receive support from the maker of the plugin, ‘WooCommerce‘. This is the worlds leading online e-commerce platform – behind some of the biggest brands in the world. You can depend on the best technologies from my websites. 


Can I try a live example? (Try now!)

Yes! Click here to try a live example which simulates how the Booking System functions for a rental cottage. Pay attention to how easy and smooth the process is. This is an example of how your Booking System will work, though it will have a consistent look and feel specific to your business. 


How difficult is it to manage a Booking System?

Managing your Booking System is essential to ensure your latest services, prices and availability is shown to your customers. The initial setup and configuration of your service information is completed during your websites creation. The power and simplicity of WordPress and the plugin creator WooCommerce means the back-end of the system is user friendly. You will be able to manage the system with no steep learning curve or extensive training required. You can ask any questions about this during the complimentary One-to-One Training Session upon handover of your website. Additional personal training is available from me to your and or your staff. Find out more about One-to-One Training Sessions


How can I get a Booking System on my website?

Simply check out the latest Website Packages to see the features of each and latest pricing. It is essential that you provide full details of your services to ensure the system can be configured and ready-to-go for you.