Many small and medium size businesses understand the importance of being online and the principle of marketing. But despite spending considerable time and money on different approaches and consultants, nothing works? Today we are discussing the importance of consistency.


What does ‘online consistency’ mean?

You know what consistency is, right? A level of performance that does not vary significantly. Typically applied to behaviour. In this case, your behaviour in marketing your business. Whatever you do – be it a new advertisement, a special offer or product – do it consistently. Depending on your ideas and resources, you pull together to produce your best efforts. I’ve personally seen this in small companies I’ve worked for – lots of talent and investment into a great idea, but a total lack of action just a few weeks on. Trying these things once isn’t going to do anything for your business. You must consistently push your message to reach your customers. Set the bar high and keep the wheels in motion.


Results take time and consistency

If you decide to try something new in reaching your customers, how long do you think it should take before results happen? Sure, you have spent the money and made your message crystal clear. Technology makes it instantaneous to have our posts, advertisements and content shared across the planet. With this being the case, why does it still take time? You don’t have an unlimited budget. Nor any special influence in the world of marketing. It’s unlikely you’re practically thinking about a national TV ad or anything along the lines of Coca-Cola.

The tools you have at your disposal – your website, social media and search engine advertising – they are long term investments. You can’t expect these to pay off big-time right away. It takes time for the algorithms at play to figure out the best people to show your ads to. It takes people time to take notice of your message and to recognise that it is useful to them. Practically speaking, a few more calls and emails to your business is what you should expect from a successful campaign – but this takes time.


You’re a small fish in a big pond

Just because you’ve perfected your message and decided on the right platforms to push it doesn’t make you the only one. Think of all the competitors local to you. The big guys who operate across the country. The international contenders too. It’s likely that they are also already present on the go-to marketing platforms. And when you consider the limited spaces on our screens that these ads get shown, then factor in all the other business sectors too… You realise that you’re one of the many advertisers. Other companies may have a much larger budget too, meaning they get more attention.

To advertise once, in a short period of time, amongst all of the other ads online today and wonder why you aren’t getting results is foolish. Many business owners do just that – they decide to trial, say a Facebook ad campaign ‘for a month’. In that time, they haven’t noticed much of a return. They naively write it off as a ‘waste of time’, and thus miss out on a long-term opportunity to grow. That’s simply giving up the stage to a competitor too, rather than competing. Remember that you need to be present in the long run to get recognised.


It’s a never-ending process to keep your customers attention

People only tend to remember things they see, think about and do often. The brain keeps relevant and repetitive things in focus and tunes out the rest. If a customer happens to see an interesting blog article on your website as a one-off, they probably won’t even remember how to find it again in the future. However, if you’re continuously producing quality content that is of interest and useful to them, they have a reason to remember your brand.

In order to be successful, you must never stop showing customers things they find interesting that attracts their attention. For some businesses that’s a special offer. In others it might be explaining the importance or convenience of what it is you offer to the customer. The goal is to continue to build the importance of your products and services in as many ways as you can think of. After all, we are consumers ourselves. And from the things we need to the things we desire; we’re always looking for that alluring promise that our next purchase will deliver. Try to think of what that promise your customers want to hear could be, and make sure you are pushing it consistently across your marketing channels.


Your website is the place to bring visitors to convert them.

Your message needs to be in all the places potential customers are already at. That’s Google Search and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, when you’ve gotten the attention of interested people through consistency in your campaign, what next? This is where your website comes in, and in particular a full detailed and focused product page explaining all of the unique and fascinating features of what it is you want to sell them.

Your website is the ideal place to convert visitors into customers, because you have full control over its content and flow. From basic contact details that might be the best option for your services, to bookings and online stores – you choose how you want to serve them. All of your marketing channels pull your customers to your website and your website sends them down the sales funnel you decide upon.

The power to analyse and discover what works is much stronger on your site thanks to tools like Google Analytics. This helps you adjust the marketing message next time around – as you push it consistently – making it stronger. More sales, better performance and all of the things you strive towards as a business. But it won’t happen without effort and consistency.


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