What is a custom feature request?

Websites can do virtually anything these days. There are endless features that you can discover and consider for your website project. One of the advantages of the WordPress platform that my websites (and 31% of the internet) are based on is plugin availability. As a developer, I am always on the look out for new features to offer you as a client. It’s my job to match the appropriate and relevant features that can benefit your business online. However, particularly because I am an individual, there may be features that I haven’t (yet) added to this website. That doesn’t mean I can’t offer it to you though, and that’s where Custom Feature Requests come in. This is where you suggest a feature and I check to make sure I can deliver it, and include it in your website for you.


How can I make a custom feature request?

Simple send me an email and I can let you know what you have in mind is possible, and if I am able to offer it and in which package. If you’ve already decided to get in touch about a website, bring this up in your Initial Consultation. Just provide me an example of a website that does have this feature, if you know of one, for me to examine. It might take a few days for me to properly research and be sure that I can offer this feature.


Check regularly to see the latest website features

Custom Feature Requests are great if you have an idea that is not currently listed on the site. However, I will be constantly adding new features as I complete more websites and have more requests come in over time. I encourage you to think about exactly what could benefit your business online and challenge me to match it to a feature. This helps me offer better websites and it contributes to your success as my client. That’s the kind of collaboration and mutual strength I hope to attain from my freelance website activities.