Custom email delivers a professional impression of you and your company with email that matches your websites name. Emails with a custom domain representing a business are appear more reliable, trustworthy, and easier to remember versus generic ones, according to SiteGround – the hosting company at the heart of my websites.


What is custom email? 

Custom company or website email enables you to have <anything you like> @ ‘’.  So, that can be an email address for each of your employees and departments. Common uses are for each of your company departments: sales, bookings or enquiries for example. You can have virtually unlimited email addresses on your website. Find out what a domain name is here.


What are the benefits of custom email?

Custom company email makes your business appear more professional to customers. It also helps direct emails to the correct department, say for example you have a team of employees that fulfil the same function – rather than having customers email separate people, they can email a department reaching your entire team. This collaboration improves your customers experience and efficiency in resolving issues.

If you still use your personal email for your business, not only does it appear unprofessional but it gives no personal and work life separation. This is a headache to work with and distracts you from achieving your best work. Your customers already use free email like Hotmail or Gmail, so they will notice the difference and will expect businesses use custom domain email.


Is it difficult to setup and manage?

It’s easy to add new email address accounts as you require. The technical aspects are setup and ready to use for you. Your employees can setup their custom email addresses on their personal and work PCs and smartphones. Company email can is accessible from any web browser thanks to a built-in webmail interface.

The instructions to access and perform these essential tasks come with your websites Basic Documentation. Everything will be set up and ready to go for you. Everything you need to know is in the documentation and easy to follow along. 


How much does it cost and how can I get it?

Every website includes this feature. You can use this feature if you wish. Consequently, there is no additional cost for this as it is part of your websites hosting. You can purchase more storage from SiteGround (your websites hosting company) if required to store a lot of email.