What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the address used in a web browser by visitors accessing your website. As an example, this websites domain name is ‘www.shanebunting.co.uk’. Other than making your website easy to access and promote, you can use it for custom email too.


How do I get a domain name?

We will discuss ideas for your websites address at our Initial Consultation meeting. You can have any wording you want with a variety of suffixes such as ‘.com’, ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.net’ to name a few. Domain names are provided by a registrar or hosting company. The hosting company used for all of my websites is SiteGround.com. They provide your web hosting and address at a competitive price and have flexible packages suitable for websites of all sizes.


How can I see if my idea is available?

Tools such as Instant Domain Search allow you to check if your idea for a domain address is available or is already claimed. You can enter a variety of ideas in here and see if each is available for your project. Make a note of any available ideas you have so that we can decide on the perfect address for your website.


Can I transfer my existing domain?

Yes! If you already have a website and are replacing it, the domain name can be transferred to your new website. I take care of this technical process for you. We can discuss it at our Initial Consultation meeting. 


How much does a domain name cost?

The more popular and in-demand a domain is, the more expensive it will be. The cost of having your domain name bought for the first time is included within the cost of your website. Each year, part of your websites running costs (paid to the hosting company) will partly cover the cost of owning your site address. This can increase over time as your website becomes more popular.

Some domain names are astronomically expensive to buy and own, in these cases it is uneconomical to include within my pricing and may require an additional contribution if you still wish to opt for it. There is always an option to find a suitable and reasonable cost address for your website, so don’t worry if your idea is expensive – there are lots of alternatives. We can discuss this during the Initial Consultation


What are some examples of domain names? 

Most companies you are aware of own domains reflecting the company name. McDonalds “www.mcdonalds.co.uk” or  Tesco “www.tesco.com” are prime examples. B&Q, the do-it-yourself retailer use the domain name: “www.diy.com” relating to its core market. Others use smart marketing such as the custom computer maker Purism, whose web domain is “www.puri.sm” utilising a suffix to form part of the company name. This creative thinking impresses some customers who notice it, delighting them before they even load the homepage.