Your website is the theatre stage where you can meticulously craft a ‘performance’ that beautifully delivers the message of your business to visitors. Having landed on your homepage, the visitor is all yours. So the question then becomes: what are you going to show them? No two websites are exactly the same, even between two competing companies in the same industry and area. That’s because each business adds its own character and unique spin on how it operates. This appeals and targets different groups of customers. Therefore, depending on your goals – there are endless options and ways to entice different potential customers. Let’s begin with the first fact behind why a website is the perfect way to encapsulate your customers.


Your customers are already online

There is a good reason that online advertising has fuelled the growth of companies like Google and Facebook into the Goliath entities they are today. That reason is because of our online presence, as private individuals. We love the internet, whether we’re working or unwinding – there’s a high chance we’re connected. 91% of adults in the UK were recent internet users in 2019, up from 90% in 2018 (Source: ONS). Because your customers are already online and already exposed to messages and advertisements, you should give them the opportunity to become encapsulated in your business – with a company website. If you don’t have a website for customers to discover your business, you’re losing out to your competitors who do.


Your website is your stage – nobody else’s

Of course, you should take advantage of social media sites and other opportunities to promote your business. But because other competing companies also take advantage of this, you’re not alone – and you’ll be below competitors who pay more for ads on that platform. One of the best factors of owning a company website is that your brand takes the stage and nothing distracts the customer from the focus on what you have to say.

You have the freedom and flexibility to present your business across your websites pages in any form you wish. Is your core competency something that customers enjoy learning about? For example, if you produce coffee – is there a fascinating story behind how it’s made? Perhaps you make custom pet products – your website gives you the scope to get into all the detail you know your customers love to see. Regardless of your business – you have the opportunity to delve into all of the compelling reasons that appeal to your target customers.

Even if your competitors have websites – you can do it better. You can deliver a better experience for customers – a more interesting story. Your website is your stage, so think about the possibilities at your disposal to put on a show that turn your visitors into loyal customers.


Become a respected platform for your customer base

Your website shows customers what you do, where you can be found and what sets you apart. The potential goes far beyond these basics. Take a look around at some of the biggest brands you interact with each day. You can visit the website of a brand like Turtle Wax – maker of car care products. Sure, you can read all about their latest products and what unique advantages each gives. Typically, when you become a customer you buy the product and no longer need to visit the site – right? Wrong. Turtle Wax, like all successful brands today, have utilised their website to keep customers visiting regularly.

It has created a hub of useful, relevant video how-to guides and tips for car owners that use its products to stay in the know and learn more about car care. Not only does this benefit customers with practical information they care about, but it promotes products. Because customers are interested in these practical tips, they are visiting the site regularly and consequently being exposed to messages about new must have products. This is a powerful marketing tool. It revolves around your website – why?

Because your website can be the centre of your company’s brand universe. There is potential for a world of enticing content that isn’t as difficult as you think to produce, or to post on your website. It’s what takes you from ‘one of the choices’ to the ‘definitive source on the topic’ for what you do. Regardless of what your business produces or sells, there is a way to make your customers repeat absorbers of your brand message. This helps your brand image, especially locally and grows your sales by stimulating interest in your product.


Are you ready to start enticing your customers?

Whether it’s your first website, or your website needs replaced – it’s easier than you think. Working with me on your company website will ensure you benefit from fixed prices and clearly defined website packages. That eliminates nasty surprises about cost and the disappointment often faced by not getting a site that works for your business. In addition, you’ll have a website that entices your customers strongly thanks to the beautiful Divi Design Platform that enables your brand to be represented on the same level as the world’s biggest brands. Why not look at some Live Examples for your sector to get inspired?

It’s easy to get in touch and work with me using my simple three-step process. Whether you’ve got strong ideas or not, time to spend getting involved or not – the process works for you. You can get in touch with me and have all of your questions answered about working together. I’ll explain all of the support options including my personal One-to-One Training sessions that will help you master your website. This is your route to building an enticing platform online to encourage interaction between your customers and brand.