Today I’m going to share with you the real experience that you should leverage to get a great website for your business. No – it’s not a long, boring in-depth technical tutorial. This blog is tailored for people like you: small and medium sized business owners. Relevant to the goals you have and how you can make them happen. Let’s talk about the experience you already have and why it matters when working together on your website project.


Your brand identity

This simply means your logo, purpose as a company and the ‘look and feel’ of your business. That may be reflected in your premises, product design, staff uniform or any other distinctive ways that you showcase your company through its operations. Some companies are more heavily involved in this than others. Think about a Shell petrol station – what comes to mind? Yellow, red and white. Think about the mobile network O2 – blue, bubbles and retail stores that reflect this. A website which delivers a supreme experience also reflects the brand it represents.

Go visit some of your favourite brand’s website now, pay attention to how they have communicated their brand identity online. You need to have a rough idea of how you’d like the colours and layout of your website to look. Working with me can be a great way to establish this if your ideas aren’t clear yet. This contributes massively to making your website great.


Your products and services

This one is probably very obvious. In order to promote, showcase and sell your products you need to know them like the back of your hand. That’s because when you work with me or any other developer you’ll need to pass as much information as possible about your products over so I can list them on your site optimally.

Think specifications, categories, important must-knows, unique selling points. If you wish to tell a story such as how it’s made, where it originates or why it beats the competition, this can be beautifully weaved into your websites structure and content too. However, you need to have a firm grasp of your products and services first in order to make sure they are presented simply and appealingly to potential customers visiting your site.


Visually pleasing content

No paragraph under the sun could communicate your business as well as a photograph. I recommend that all clients work with a local photographer to obtain professional quality images as website content. They can also double as perfect for use in your marketing materials too. If you operate a bakery, nice appetising photos of your baked goods would appeal to visitors. For a car detailing business, photos of your workshop, products and results. There will be something your customers care about seeing before deciding to buy. Think about what this could be for your business. Quality images and videos on your site will be the cherry on top of a great layout and plenty of information about your services.


Understanding and experience of your customers

The final experience you should draw upon when working with me on your website is your knowledge of your customers. Think: what do they want to know or see or be able to do on your site. Do they want in-depth details about your services, or simply to find your number to call you immediately? Every business is different, and nobody knows yours better than you do. A locksmith’s website should be fairly to the point, as people seeking them will not have time to spare reading about any sort of process or story. In contrast, a maker of bespoke handmade leather handbags will want to convey a detailed account of what makes its goods special, as its customers want to be sold on quality and craftsmanship.

Think about how you could tailor your offerings on your website. Considering the most common queries you get asked about over the phone, or by customers using your products and aim to address them upfront on your website.


A web developer to share your vision and experience

In concluding this article, I want to remind you that on top of your valuable knowledge of what it is you do – don’t forget how important your choice of developer is. I focused this article on your real-world experience, not technical experience. That’s not to say you cannot make a great website yourself, but time is money. That’s why you hire experts in sales, marketing and legal expertise to handle some everyday affairs of your business. For one off, but important investments, such as building your website – don’t work with the wrong developer.

You need to work somebody who is capable and willing to share your passion for sharing your story with the world and leveraging it for the success of your firm. Unfortunately, too many freelancers and agencies will see you as just another client. They won’t have time – nor make any time – to truly collaborate with you to build something exceptional. They strive for no more than ‘acceptable’. You spend a lot of time making sure you hire the best people to represent your business, so why should it be any different when you hire a professional service such as for your site?

Whilst you’re here, you should check out my Website Packages – showing clearly what each tier provides you. I also list Fixed Pricing making it even easier to see how much your site costs and factor it into your budget. But what sets my service to you off the most, is my three-step streamlined process. You can read all about it here. But what you need to know is that it guarantees a second-to-none website with as much or as little involvement on your end as you prefer. Check out some of my other pages to find up how I stack up against some of the other providers you may be considering.

If you’re ready to get in touch to talk about your website project, request a call back from me today.