We all know the importance of being online today. Not least because we’re constantly connected in our personal lives around the clock. This is a huge opportunity to reach other people in your business or cause. It’s pretty easy to see Why Your Business Needs A Website (and you can read more about that by clicking the link). But how can you actually take the initiative and get one for your business? Is making a website difficult? How can you start your project?



Make your own website.

This is something I’d like to start with because it is very much an option open to you – and anybody. And yes, you could do this without my services, which is a potential lost client for me. Do-it-yourself website builders exist and are not new. Companies including Wix.com and Squarespace.com enable you, in a few clicks, to get up and running with a business website that will certainly do the job. Now, why would I mention this and risk you going to check out what they can do for you? It’s simple. Because they can’t offer you the same end result, period.

These site builders use weak, wishy-washy templates that might impress you but they certainly don’t impress customers in comparison to a beautiful website akin to those I build. You’re locked in to their proprietary online store platforms – some of which take a cut of your sale indefinitely. It’s your business so why would you sacrifice your bottom line? In comparison to my websites which use the world’s leading ecommerce platform WooCommerce at their core.

Another issue is that you need to invest a lot of your time, you need to hope that you have the right and complete ideas. And you need to think of content, a structure and other things that in my opinion, are best left to an experienced professional. You come to work to run your business. And whilst you are likely more than intelligent enough to grasp and learn about the art of web design, it is no eyes-closed job. It’s certainly not the kind of thing you can expect to nail first time. For much less time and effort on your part, you can have me built your visually enticing and structurally sound website for you. You can continue to focus on your businesses customers, staff and sales. After all, your website is essential – but it’s a small part of the unique and complex puzzle that forms your company.



Work with a professional web designer

You’ve already found a web designer who is ready to work with you on your website project – Shane Bunting. Working with me, you get my experience and professional advice baked into your website. This combines my technical skills and tools with your first-hand knowledge of your business and its needs. Together we can produce a bespoke and tailored website that delivers a kick-ass experience for your customers. Something unique about working with me is my streamlined three-step approach to website building. It works like this:


1. The Initial Consultation

This is very simple and takes place in a single meeting. We walk through my process for establishing your needs. We agree on a feature set and if you’re ready, sign the proposal. We’re now eye-to-eye on what your website project needs. You don’t need to worry about preparing your ideas or knowing anything technical. Our conversation will draw this information efficiently regardless of your skill level. We’ll also determine what precise level of input you want over the website build process, do you want to be involved with every little detail? Or rather, just leaving it to me to make the decisions for you as much as possible. It’s your choice and either way, your result is not compromised.


2. Progress Review

In the middle of your projects developement process, I’ll offer you the chance for us to sit down and look at the work-in-progress. This gives you a unique opportunity to see your site, first hand, and give some feedback over the design and layout so far. Anything you don’t like can be changed. What an important part of any project – that you, the client, are happy with how it is going. It’s your asset, and you have the final say.


3. Handover

So when your website is ready, you’ll get a few things. A complimentary one hour training session to ensure you know how to access and perform the basics. Your questions are answered and I have the time to explain things to you. I provide Basic Documentation to you – think of it like your cars owners manual – to refer to in performing basic tasks on your site, should you wish to. This is everything you need to get up and running – and it’s a lot more than your typical web designer or agency will provide.



It’s easy to work with Shane Bunting on your website project

Not only are you taking advantage of a professionals services, but you also benefit from Fixed Pricing and Website Packages. This mean no doubt as to how much you’ll pay or what you’ll receive. That’s bound to make things much easier as a business owners managing expenses and your bottom line. Because I’m a freelancer I can pass lower costs and give more personal attention to you as my client. You just need to provide a little bit of information about your business and some ideas of the features you’d like and the rest can be left to me. It’s truly that simple. Because you’re already an expert on your business and I take care of thet rest, your website project is in good hands.

Clarity, expertise, support and transparency. Those are the four tenants behind my website business. These are what make it so easy for you to work with me to take ownership of your own buisness website. It’s not difficult at all. Every step is designed for you, my client. So whilst you can build your own website, why invest the time in something that offers a less substantial result? Partner with Shane Bunting. You can read all about Website Packages, Features and My Approach on this site. When you’re ready to get in touch, request a call back from Shane. That’s all it takes.