A Website Blog is built into every one of the websites I build for clients. While most companies find a way to use their blog, others haven’t considered or don’t see the point in utilising it. The biggest cause of this is that they simply aren’t aware of the endless ways in which it can deliver for their business. Interacting with your customers – before and after a sale – strengthens your brand and encourages repeat customers. This article looks at five key ways you can use a blog to keep your customers up to date with your business through your websites blog.


Announce changes to your business operations

This one comes first becuase of how relevant it is to the new world we’re finding ourselves in due to Covid-19. The disruption to small businesses up and down the country, particularly ‘non-essential’ businesses is unprecedented. Some companies have had to shut altogether, with customers no longer even freqenting the high street and seeing your business anymore. Thankfully, these businesses in many cases can operate online. Others are fortunate enough to be able to operate a click and collect service, or takeaway only format.

Making your customers aware of closures and new means of operating these days is more important than ever. Because every sector has fared differently, there is no general rule that can possibly speak for your business. You need to communicate directly with your customers and guide them through how the latest restrictions impacts your business. Some customers may make the assumption that you aren’t operating at all because a local competitor has decided not to. This is an opportunity for you to gain, but not if you don’t make customers explicitely aware. Keep them up to date with a pinned blog post at the top of your website.


Showcase new products and services on your website blog

It’s important to make sure you’re always offering the best products possible for customers, and improving services to stay competitive. Although you are investing and improving your offering continuously, it isn’t always obvious to customers. They might not know about an all-new coffee blend you’ve introduced or even about a new lower cost option that is intended to be wallet friendly during the pandemic.

Your company blog is the ideal place to showcase your new products and services. You can talk about them, show how they work or highlight their strengths to customers. There is no limit on the length or format of the content you think will work best with your customer base. This is a fantastic reason to keep your customers returning to your website. And of course, when they’re on your website making contact or a sale is just a click away.


Share customer success stories

Companies make our lives easier and more enjoyable everyday as we work and relax. Services and products we buy as consumers help us live life easier and reach our goals. Small business especially can play a very personal role in their interaction with customers. Personal services in particular, such as a personal trainer or a wedding planner are great examples. You have worked hard to help your customers reach their biggest goals and ambitions. Your enthusiasm and skill has paid off through their satisfaction and happiness following your help.

Showing other potential future customers the impact of your services from real people like them is one of the best ways to promote your business. The emotion, sincerity and testemonial of real customers is ideal for your blog. This excites and inspires visitors into wanting to get in touch with you and to make a booking or a purchase. As above, you are unlimited in the choice of format and length of your message on your websites blog.


Demonstrate your expertise

Many services we depend on everyday are beyond our undertanding. Your customers might need your plumbing service because they have a leak in their bathroom, without having any idea how the repair happens. Or perhaps their car won’t start, and your mechanical services can help. In these cases, it is not important or necessarily relevant to try and explain the procedure to your customer. What they need to see is a reflection of your skills and expertise.

Posting content on your blog which reinforces the reassurance customers seek is a sure way to encourage them to trust you to solve their problem. Your history and notable clients and projects are one of many ways to flaunt this on your website. There are endless ways in which you can think of to impress your viewers into making contact and becoming customers by running your website blog.


Inspire them to use your products by showing them

Everybody loves a good demonstration. Whether it’s smashing our expectations of a difficult task or showing us how much easier something can be achieved. Maybe your product is so far ahead of your competitors? What better way to make this point than by showing customers first hand. Your customers are constantly browsing the web and looking for products that offer them something worthwhile. Utilising your websites blog to communicate why your products excel against the competition and why they can’t afford to live without them is a great marketing opportunity.


How can you set-up and run your Website Blog?

You might think it’s difficult to set up and get the ball rolling on your websites blog – even if you now realise how useful it can be. Thankfully, working with Shane Bunting on your company website is easy. The three-step streamlined approach lets you focus on running your business and still get an impressive website. You can read more about what a Website Blog is and how easy it is to run here. Please get in touch to find out more and get started on your project.