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How to backup your site regularly

Find out how to backup the content on your website. Don’t lose the time and money you invested in your content. See how SiteGround makes it easy to restore to an earlier point in time for your website.

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What is Dynamic Caching?

Dynamic Caching is one of the technologies helping your website load faster. Get an understanding of what this powerful technology does and how it’s working constantly to deliver your visitors the best experience possible.

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Accessing the WordPress Dashboard

Every website I build is based on the powerful WordPress platform. It powers over 32% of the internet's websites. Some of the biggest brands depend on WordPress, from the BBC to Mercedes-Benz. One of the most useful parts of the platform is its modularity. Easy to use...

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What are ‘cookies’ online?

Find out about ‘cookies’ that are used across all the websites you visit daily. See what they do and why they are important, and how you should respond to this essential part of online life.

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