We’ve covered The Sole Focus of using Social Networks a few times on this blog. A key message is that your website is a much more powerful tool for your business. Making your website the centre of your business core strategy is easier than you think. Great benefits come from directing customers to your website. Let’s dive in.


It’s your centre stage to market and promote what you do

Unlike social media and other advertising platforms, your website gives you the choice to capture the attention of visiting customers. Thankfully without having to appear alongside or compete with other similar businesses in your area. You can go into as much or as little detail as you feel necessary. This can be to educate, entice and convince your customers into their next purchase with your business.

Social media is useful somewhat for customer purchases and bookings. But you are still restricted to play by the rules of the social media giants. Suppose they decide to start focussing more on offering a product or service like yours? Suddenly you’re at a huge disadvantage. Thankfully, with your own website you’re already a step ahead of social media giants regardless of what they do. Regular customers already know that your website is the best place to shop and learn. And new customers can find your website through social media channels.

Still utilising social media and similar platforms is useful for your business, but by pointing them to your website you have the customer within your own ‘marketing funnel’ and can help them find and experience what you want without having to compete or follow the arbitrary rules of social media giants.


It’s as immune to lockdowns as any business tool can be

Though we’re mostly back to normal here in the UK, who knows what the end of the year holds for us. Your website is virtual and can be accessed anywhere by anybody on PC, smartphone or tablet. If your in-person experience or shop is closed due to another lockdown you can continue to trade.

Employees can work remotely to manage orders, customer service and work on new promotional content for your online platforms. Your website is at the centre of all of this. Without a website, you’re limited and risk serving only the most loyal customers who are willing to call and collect. With many of your competitors already benefitting from e-commerce and websites of their own – why put yourself at such a disadvantage?

Make sure your business strategy is prepared to thrive whatever happens in terms of the next supposed lockdown. Allow your customers to still be able to shop your products and services remotely. Make that something they look forward to when times get tough. With every disappointment comes a silver lining, and with your website that means being able to stay in business whatever the external factors beyond your control do.


It’s what all of the biggest, most successful companies in the world do

Think about some of your favourite global brands for a second. The company that makes your car, your favourite drink or product you can’t get enough of. What do they all have in common? They all have extremely detailed and professionally thought up website. This is core to the strategy they use to build and maintain success. Great sales come from great awareness and loyalty of great products.

Your website need not cost the millions per year that big brands use, but it can be your opportunity to apply the same principles in marketing, the same reach of customers and of course the same utility of processing sales and keeping in touch with customers through engagement that can grow your business to new heights.

Think of all the convenient amenities and extensions of your business and brand a website can deliver. An online store, a community support forum and almost anything else you can think of. Any feature you see online and find useful as a customer can be put into your website for your customers. This is thanks to the powerful technologies in every website I can build for you.


Start thinking about how your website can become a core part of your strategy today

It’s not as difficult as you think. Working with Shane Bunting on your business website is the first step. If you can check your email and post parcels to your customers, then you’re already more than capable of taking your operations online and expanding your reach to new horizons. Depending on what your business does, a website offers many avenues and opportunities to you.

And relax, because although you might think of a website as a difficult to setup and manage thing, you don’t need to be an expert on the technical stuff. You can work with Shane and put the expertise you have about what you do and your business forward and have him work to develop a website that works beautifully for you. Even if you’re incredibly busy running your business, the three-step streamlined process works for you ensuring a cutting edge and eloquent website for your business with minimal input from you.

Check out the Website Packages and latest fixed pricing now and get in touch with Shane when you’re ready to evolve your business strategy with a new website at the heart of your operations.