Need inspiration?

Like most people, you may be considering a new website – but aren’t sure where to start. The layout, design and what sort of features suit your business can be difficult to guess. That’s why I’ve prepared a Live Examples section with around 200 fully functional designs to inspire you.


See Divi, the best WordPress design platform in the world.

Every websites I build incorporates the Divi design platform. This is most powerful and flexible design platform for WordPress websites in the world. The Live Examples show off what this platform is capable of, giving you the chance to experience it first hand. This is great for seeing the impact one of my websites will deliver to your customers. Elegant Themes, the creator of Divi hosts hundreds of Live Examples. You can be sure to find one for your business and category.  This is exactly what you can expect when you choose to work for me.


Don’t settle for a bland, low effort website!

A common issue you’ll find with many local and national web design firms is that they will take a quick look at your local and national competitors to try and figure out exactly what they need to build on your website. Why is this a problem? Because if your competitors websites are using bland themes or not great to start with, how can they be a good basis for your website? That’s certainly not how I see it. You won’t need inspiration after visiting a few Live Examples.


Only the best technologies go into my websites.

You’ll be impressed the second you stumble onto one of the example websites hosted by Elegant Themes. Illustrating what the Divi platform, and thus a Shane Bunting website can deliver for your firm. This is the wow factor and first impression that your customers and clients can expect. It’s what represents your company to the world, as cutting above the rest.


Show me what you like… or leave it to me.

From our Initial Consultation, you’re welcome to bring up your favourite examples and talk about which aspects you want on your website. I’ll also let you know how your brand can really shine using some of the best practices online today. Don’t worry if there are too many examples to look through. I’m on hand to do this work for you if you don’t find the time to browse through the live examples.

If you need any help with ideas, inspiration or finding a suitable example to browse through then do Contact Me today and I’d be glad to help you pick out and decide upon the next steps for your website. Remember, working with me ensures only the best technologies, approaches and resulting website for your business – and you can learn more right here on my website on this blog.