My passion to help you get the most out of your website is why I provide clients with One-to-One training sessions. Your website can do so much for your business. It’s easy to find managing your website overwhelming and confusing when it comes to essential tasks. I understand that your day-to-day priority is your business operations. That’s why it’s important that you are able to find answers and see exactly how to do the tasks you care about in a short period of time. And who better to show you than the developer behind your website?


What is a One-to-One Training Session?

Each session is one hour in duration and is delivered personally by me. In-person and virtual online sessions are available. We agree on a time that is suitable for you. I strive to meet the needs of my clients for training as a priority. 

You will receive another copy of your websites Basic Documentation if you need it, as a reference during the session. What we cover is entirely up to you. You can ask any questions and get direct answers that you will understand. Together, we will work with your actual website – no need for irrelevant examples or case studies. I will show or instruct you how to complete tasks you are interested in on your website. You have control over the content and pace of the session, for total satisfaction.


How can I prepare for a One-to-One session?

Think of the tasks you wish to accomplish on your website. This could be being taken through the essentials. Or perhaps how to post content, or make changes to the pages yourself. Any functionality of your website can be our focus in your session. I suggest noting down a couple of main points you want to work through together. Bring it to our session so that we can ensure we cover everything you need. 

Think of a time that suits you. I am available from 9am to 9pm GMT / UK time. We will agree a time before the session is scheduled. If you know you cannot make a session with more than 24 hours notice, you can inform me for a refund or to reschedule. Under 24 hours notice is a 75% refund or choice to reschedule. Less than one hour notice is 50% refundable. 


Who is eligible for a session?

Any website client with a finished and fully paid for website is eligible to arrange a One-to-One session with me. Your staff are also eligible for sessions if you prefer. Many clients and businesses like to have staff trained, particularly those with duties to update the website and post content regularly. I am happy to be able to come to your premises or virtually deliver training to any number of your staff that you would like to become knowledgable on the practical running of your website. Additional charges apply for each additional person trained. You can provide a list of topics you want covered or allow your staff to come and learn what they feel is important. 


Can I try a session for free?

I understand you might want to know more about a One-to-One session without paying for one – to see if it is suitable for you. Every website I build comes with one complimentary training session. This is arranged when your website is finished and as we discuss your final 50% payment and the site is handed over to you. Your opportunity to see how useful this could be for you and your staff is at this stage. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the sessions if you get in touch.


How much does a One-to-One Training Session cost?

The latest pricing for personal training is listed below. Please check back regularly to see the most up-to-date pricing. 


Session Cost

The current rate for a session is £40 per session (1x Hour).


Additional People

For each additional person, add £10 to this per hour. Multiple hour sessions in one day or spread across days / weeks are available and I can work out a discount for these bookings. 



I am pleased to be able to work with you in a variety of settings to suit your business. Sessions can be virtual, at your office, at a coffee shop, at a nearby conference room* or other suitable location for the group size. You must incur the expense of a local conference room booking. Public meetings such as at a coffee shop are suitable for one person sessions, not group sessions. I can travel anywhere in Northern Ireland, but further distances in Ireland or travel to the UK mainland can be arranged with reasonable additional travel costs – please discuss this with me as I am happy to work something out for my clients. 


How can I arrange a session? 

It’s easy to arrange a training session. Simply get in touch with me – remember as a client you have access to the Client Area with my personal contact details to make a priority request. 

Important! Due to Covid-19 ALL One-to-One Training Sessions MUST be delivered virtually. I am happy to make any reasonable accommodation to ensure optimal delivery of your session during the pandemic.