What is an online store?

An online store provides the ability to list and sell your products to you website visitors. It allows your business to make sales around the clock, and around the world. Selling online is an excellent way to start doing business, or to grow your existing business. Your website puts your business on the map, with an online store it could become key to your success. With payments, receipts and other functions taken care of, continue reading to find out more about Online Stores. 

The stores I build are powered by WooCommerce, a leading platform for business of all sizes globally. Due to its reliability, ease of use and reputation, this is the best option for your website.


What can an online store on my website do?

  • Present your full range of products 
  • Take payment for goods and delivery
  • Allow products to be sold and shipped domestically and overseas
  • Calculate tax and shipping rates
  • Print labels
  • Store customer data
  • Report on sales figures
  • Present information about products such as specifications
  • Give customers choice over product options and special details
  • Offer special pricing and discount codes to customers
  • Email updates to your staff and customers following order updates


Can I try an example? (Try it!)

You can check this link out and see a list of real, live and functional online stores. You can visit and browse these stores to see how other businesses are utilising the feature. These websites use the same online store technology as a Shane Bunting website. 


How can I get an online store?

You can see my Website Packages to see which options include an online store as a feature. The Intermediate Website and Advanced Website offer the option of an online store. 


How much does an online store cost to run?

An online store by default does not cause any extra annual running costs. Many businesses are suitable for a setup that has no additional cost and can handle product listings, orders and payments. However, if your business requires specialist functionality such as elaborate shipping or payment options then these may require licenses for the use of technologies that can deliver flawless functionality for your website. This can be discussed at your Initial Consultation, as it is very specific to how you plan to use your website to sell. 


How difficult is an online store to manage?

If you opt for an online store, it will be essential that you or your employees manage it. The system will email you (or your staff) when an order is placed, ensuring you don’t miss it. This is a prompt for you to ship the product to the customer. The system will handle the sending of invoices / receipts / email notifications to your customer. It will also allow you to manage the order on the back end of your website, to update or cancel it etc. 

From your websites creation, I will set up and list your products initially (to a reasonable extent – given that some companies sell hundreds or thousands of products). You will need to list new products so they appear on the site and monitor the shipping options, prices and special offers you show online. 

Thankfully all of the things you need to do to operate your store are easy to do, thanks to the WooCommerce system. It’s designed for small and medium sized businesses like yours and does not require a steep learning curve to manage. Just be aware, that getting the most from your online store will require an active effort on your part. However, online stores can also become a key part of your strategy and help increase your profit directly – making it worth the effort.

You can be reassured that you will receive Basic Documentation with your website, including for an online store if you choose to opt for one. This will cover all of the basics. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask any questions during a complimentary free One-to-One Training Session after handover. And of course, I’m available for an additional charge in further sessions, should you or your staff need further personal instruction on mastering your online store.