What is an Online Subscription System?

Having an online subscription manager allows you to grow your business and manager repeat customer income. If you offer physical or virtual products or services that require regular payments, this is a feature for your site. It offers the following key capabilities:

  • Offer multiple billing schedules that suit your business needs
  • Integrates with a range of online payment gateways for automatic regular payments
  • Offers customers the ability to renew services manually
  • Automatically attempts to re-bill customers after a failed attempt
  • Allow customers to manage their own subscriptions
  • Allows customers to upgrade or downgrade their services
  • Takes care of renewal notifications through automatic emails
  • Detailed reporting of activity by customers and tracking of finances

The system is provided by the world’s leading e-commerce platform, WooCommerce and is an extension of websites that have an online store. You can trust this platform because of its proven record for regular updates, security fixes and ease of use.


How can an online subscription system benefit me?

As a small to medium sized business (a typical client of mine) it can be tricky to track your clientele as it grows. It’s also difficult to put a realistic estimate on how much you can expect to earn from month to month. Regular income that you can depend on from your customers is perhaps the best thing you can work toward. This gives certainty and makes it easier for customers to commit to using your services or products. Whether you run a gym or sell a product that customers consume regularly, this could be for you.

As with all the benefits your website delivers, the subscriptions element is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Make money, even with your doors shut, thanks to this online facility. Allowing customers to browse your website, start a subscription and manage it at any time reduces demand on your staff. Automatic emails and order tracking makes it easy to see and focus on a customers details to assist them. In short, growing your business and making your administration more efficient.


How much does an online subscription system cost?

This is a feature which is provided as a service by a third party – which is what makes it so easy to use, reliable and easy to manage by you. The annual cost is £150 per year. The cost of having this built, configured, setup and ready to go on your website with your products and services by me is included within your website. This is simply the annual cost you will pay to keep using this element of your website and includes regular updates, first party support should you wish to avail of it and ensures that there is no down time or incompatibilities in the future. This price is subject to change over time, but is unlikely.

The more suitable and focussed on a subscription model your business operates on increases its suitability. More subscriptions will offset the annual cost, making it a no-brainer for some clients but not all.


Which website package can I get this on?

You can have this feature added to an Intermediate Website as a single special feature, or as a part of an Advanced Website along with a number of other features. Find out more by checking out my Website Packages page.


Can I try an example?

Unfortunately, there is no live example ready to demo this feature to you first hand. However, you can read the full details of the Online Subscription System here on its creators website, WooCommerce.


How much effort does this take to run?

The maintenance of the online subscription system of your website will be required, to be able to change prices and offerings over time that your business offers. You or an employee will also need to regularly check for orders to fulfil them. Tracking the income generated from sales is also essential to make this work for your business. All of this information is easily accessible and controllable – designed specifically for businesses like yours – to get to grips with and manage with ease.

If you offer services that fit into the subscription model, this is an opportunity to grow your business. However, if you don’t like the idea of this online model your website can still serve to bring more customers to you. The Basic Website is perfect for encouraging customers to call you directly.

Don’t forget, you will get a run through with my free complimentary one hour handover One-to-One training session when your website is finished. I’m also on hand to train you and your staff down the line for an additional charge, too. Find out more about my One-to-One training sessions here.