A product configurator is one of the most interesting thing your customers might appreciate. If you sell configurable products – e.g. customisable products, this is the feature for you. Let’s dive into how this feature can enrich your customers experience online.


What is a configurator?

A configurator is a tool that visually lets customers choose and customise products they are interested in. This allows them to choose options, extras and personalisation options. Have you ever been on a car makers website and build your dream next car? Or on Nike’s website for their Nike ID service? These are fairly standard but greatly loved parts of the car and clothing industries. Allowing customers to choose options with their purchases makes the order feel more unique and special. That means more interest in buying your products.


How can I make use of a configurator on my website?

Think – how can I offer customised products? Colours, sizes and ‘tiers’ of products. Not only this, but combinations of products. Do you offer gift set packages? You can allow customers to build bundles as well as change the specifics of a product. A configurator could let your customers choose a base product and then the colour or scent. What about after service? Do you offer warranties or breakdown repair plans? The configurator could give customers a convenient way to see the price and plan suitable for their purchase. They might not even have known about this, but your configurator presents this to them at the right moment they might care to order it.


The benefits of using an online configurator

Not only does it make the purchase feel more special and unique for the customer, but it saves the customer time. Saving the customer time is saving your business time. If it wasn’t for an online configurator, can you imagine how tedious it would be to order a new car? You know how it goes – you want a particular colour and style of wheels, but they are only available on a specific trim. Furthermore, you want a particular option, but it is only available as part of a more expensive ‘upgrade pack’. If you had no other option, you would need to make an appointment with the car salesperson and scour a catalogue of tables and price lists. This is the old way of doing things.

Instead, the configurator gives customers the option to ‘play around’ with options and see the impact on price. It already knows and limits impossible combinations that aren’t offered. It actually means that on a Sunday night during their downtime, your customer has done the work of finding the right product and combination for them. They can now come to you for a quote – or better again – place their order for you to pick up on Monday morning. Even if a customer does have some questions, they are now more specific and less compared to before. It brings the shopping experience to life, aids and speeds up the buying decision process.


How can I get a configurator on my website?

As part of select Website Packages I offer, you can have a configurator built into your website and setup in collaboration with you. Your knowledge of your products and suppliers as well as the limitations to product configurations is key to setting up this plugin. Thankfully, I will handle the setup for you meaning your website is ready to go with a fully functional and tested configurator from day one post-project. And with my Lifetime Corrections guarantee, you can be sure any minor issues or problems that could potentially appear in real world use will be ironed out at no extra cost to you. It’s what you would expect.


Can I try one?

You can see exactly what the configurator looks like by checking out the WP Configurator plugin homepage. This is the technology I will build into your site. As you will see, it is professionally built, robust and totally designed to serve and delight your customers.


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