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Welcome to the Support section. You can read about the options you’ll have to seek help and support for your website when you decide to become a client. If you’re already a client, click the button on the right to visit the Client Area for the fastest response.

Unrivalled support options that you won’t find elsewhere.

When you become a clients, you benefit from numerous Help & Support options to ensure your project goes smoothly and that you are satisfied with it. Some of these will even benefit you long into the ownership of your new website.

Easy to reach.

You’re working with an individual.

You won’t be put on hold or sent to somebody else if you have questions, you can ask me directly. You’ll have my personal, private contact details that I only share with clients. Your calls go straight to me, leading to straight answers when you need them.

Client Area

You’ve got an exclusive area.

The Client Area is a part of this website that gives you up-to-date contact details for me and access to resources that are useful to know as a client. I’ll also share important updates and post about opportunities that might benefit your project from time to time in the Client Area.

Basic Guide

You’re not left rudderless.

Unlike other web developers, you’ll receive Basic Documentation instructions on how to do all of the essentials on your website first hand, should you wish to do so. This is tailored to the features on your website, meaning when your project is complete you’re not thrown into the deep end with nothing to go by.


Personal tuition, direct from me.

Though all clients will get a complimentary one hour training session upon the completion of their website, I’m also available for further training sessions for an additional fee – anytime. So if you decide to take a deeper role in managing your site, or want some employees trained – just get in touch and they’ll get first class tuition.

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