What is the Divi Design Platform?

Built into every website I build (including this one) is a plugin called Divi. The Divi Design Platform is a technology that enables me to build your website beautifully. First class coding and support from its developer Elegant Themes ensures it is robust and responsive – and always will be. Not only does this make your website look stunning from day one, but you inherit Divi when your website it handed over. The design platform is accessible from the back end of your website, and you can use it to make changes. Divi becomes an asset at your disposal for in-house changes you plan to make. 


What makes Divi good for me?

Firstly, having finite control of your websites design should you wish to change it. Secondly, it is the number one WordPress theme / builder in there world. This is because of its ease of use, flexibility and support. You have ongoing support and updates from the developer to ensure your website continues to have the latest technologies, finely tuned as time goes on. Elegant Themes support is available to you, on top of Basic Documentation and additional support from me. There are also thousands of YouTube videos you can use because of Divi’s popularity. It has earned this reputation by being the number one choice by developers like me, and clients like you. 


How much does Divi cost for my website?

It’s included in all of my Website Packages and requires no running cost to you going forward. 


What can Divi do? (See Examples)

There are hundreds of examples of websites to represent the bespoke and unique nature of each website build using Divi, check them out here.  If you’re curious to see the user friendly back end, then try this.  But remember! You never need to get overwhelmed in these aspects. Because all of my websites are setup to look and work beautifully for you as standard. This is simply another asset you get when you opt for a Shane Bunting website. It’s there if you need it, and it’s the leading technology in its class.