Social media is great. We love using it in our downtime and during Covid-19 it has been monumental in keeping us connected and entertained. As a business owner you’re well aware of how important it is to use it to your advantage. Just like you know it’s good to save money and to eat healthy… Except, how do you actually go about it? There’s a tonne of content out there – mostly sponsored – that says it will help you. This article explains to you the one sole focus you should keep in mind when using social networks for business.


Don’t buy into the lie that social media is all that matters.

There is a dangerous wave of advice to small business right now which puts too much importance on social media. Whilst it is very useful for particular industries and sectors, it is not suitable for others. Spending all of your budget on social media advertising takes focus away from your website, email marketing and offline marketing efforts. An unhealthy marketing mix is not the most effective way to promote your business.

Be wary of putting all your eggs in one basket. Social media is certainly important to be present on to get in front of potential customers, but think about whether or not this is really useful for your business. A bakery or fashion botique might be able to capitalise on social media users looking at and sharing its products. But is a stationary supplier or corporate services company able to promote its products in a way that people actually want to look at in their downtime? Check whether or not the consultant or article advice is not actually promoting social media to benefit them. Put your business first and don’t over invest in social media.


Social media is simply a gateway to your website.

Make no mistake – social media companies today are advertising companies first and foremost. They make money from advertising companies to the sites users. And yes – this can benefit your business too. Getting in front of more potential customers is a benefit to your business. Investing in this kind of promotion is extremely useful to target the attention of possibly interested people. When you do, make sure you’re pointing them to your website and not considering a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ good enough.

Why should the customer be pointed to your website? Your social network business pages are displayed alongside competitors. This means as long as your customer is looking at your business through a site like Facebook or Twitter, it’s only a limited view of your products and services. The social media sites still display your competitors and other content as a distraction to your customer. The quicker you get them on your website – where your business is the centre of attention – the more chance you have of converting them into a paying customer. Post small teasers and previews that encourage a click directly to your site. The full experience can be delivered there, without being limited as specified by big tech.


Why to avoid selling or taking bookings on Social Networks

The ability to do more and more of your business on social media sites is growing. Now, with Instagram and Facebook in particular there are ellaborate ways to book and order products directly. This seems tempting and convenient, right? Why bother with a website? The goal of these big tech companies is now to keep the user on their site performing transactions and commanding their attention for longer and longer. This benefits big tech, not your business. The missed opportunity for story telling, upselling and building loyalty to your brand is huge with this.

Social networks decide how your product is displayed, how much detail you can go into and even whether or not your products are suitable. Unfortunately, social networking websites are always changing guidelines to suit themselves too – and this can be at the expense of your company.

Social media companies only care about selling your customers data to their advertising partners – at your expense

Right now features such as Facebook Marketplace are offering a free, no-fee advantage to eBay to users. This is hurting eBay and it’s a destructive and anti-competitive practice designed to steal customers from eBay. Remember, ‘free‘ on Facebook really means selling your data to its advertising partners. Facebook doesn’t need to worry about Marketplace because it’s not its core business. It can operate and damage competitors like eBay and then when it gains a lion share of the market, impose restrictions and fees on users. It is not far fetched to see this happening to your followers on these platforms. When Facebook decides to come for your sector or industry in its pursuit to please advertisers, make no mistake – it will do so at your expense.


Summary – how to leverage social media and avoid the downsides

As discussed early in this article – don’t over depend on social media. Don’t let it be your only marketing platform. Allowing this to happen not only misses important marketing opportunities, but you sacrifice control and your customers data to social networks who wish to please advertising partners. As these social media networks continue to change their guidelines and features to their advantage, you can be safe taking things into your own hands.

Your businesses website is under your control entirely. You don’t need to worry about it promoting your competitors, you don’t need to follow limited guidelines. And whatever the interests of other companies, yours come first. That’s why everything you post on social media for your business should move your customers onto your website. There, your customers are indulged in your products and services. Your brand is the one and only star in the sky and there is no better place to interact with and transact with your customers. Check back for more coverage on social media and why it’s important – but not the be all and end alll for your company.


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