WordPress is the powerful technology at the core of your website that handles your input and serves content to visitors. 


What is WordPress and what does it do?

It is a ‘content management system’. ‘Content’ refers to the information on your website: articles, images, videos and more. WordPress is at the core of 38% of the world’s websites. It is by far the leading platform to build a website on. This website, and every website I build for clients is based on the WordPress platform.


Why do I need it? 

Once your website is ready to go, you need a way of accessing and changing it’s content as well as sharing new content with the world. The way in which you access the ‘back end’ of your website is via the WordPress control panel. The ease of use, reliability and expandability of WordPress makes it your number one choice.


Is it difficult to use?

All of its controls are user friendly and do not require a steep learning curve, making it perfect for your project. It’s easy to learn about WordPress thanks to hundreds of online tutorials. As my client, you get included Basic Documentation helping you to complete essential tasks in running your website. In addition to this, you also get a complimentary One-to-One training session helping you get familiar with WordPress on your website. The key to the popularity of this platform is how easy and hassle-free it is for website owners like you.


How much does it cost?

This is totally open-source free software that runs on your websites server. It costs nothing to run each year and saves you money over alternative proprietary and inferior systems. The configuration and setup of your system is handled by me during your websites development.