What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a required service for all websites. Your website is stored on a server, which operates 24/7, 365 by a ‘hosting company’. This ensures your website stays online and is accessible by internet users around the world. Your website cannot operate without hosting.


How much does website hosting cost? 

You pay running costs annually for your website. You pay this directly to the hosting company for its services. The precise may increase over time. If your website gains popularity and sees high traffic, you may need more powerful hosting to keep it running smoothly. Websites rich in content require more storage space, typically available in a more expensive package from the hosting company to serve that content to visitors. I ensure that you pay as little as possible each year for suitable hosting. Some Features may incur additional annual charges.


Your hosting company costs are direct with one of my websites.

Most web developers will set your website up so that you must pay them each year (adding in their fee) as a middleman, I don’t find this appropriate for my clients. I set your website up so that your hosting company profile is setup with your details. This means you see the actual cost required to keep your site online each year, and pay it directly using your payment details. There is no need to pay me for this part of running your website. This is part of my approach to save you money and operate transparently from start to finish. Learn more about My Approach. You have full control over your website and clarify over its running costs.

Your exact costs each year will be known in the early stages of building your website. This depends on which Website Features and Website Package you need.


How can I decide which hosting company or package I need?

You don’t need to worry about this. When we meet to discuss your website project I will match your needs to the ideal specific package using SiteGround.com, the go-to hosting company I opt for in all of my websites. You can read more about SiteGround on its website, this will also give you an indication of your annual running costs.