Unlike other firms or freelancers, every client who works with me receives¬†Basic Documentation with their website. This is a physical booklet (also available in PDF) that you can refer to when using and managing your website. It’s specific to the tools, partners and technologies in your website making it super easy to follow.


What does Basic Documentation cover?

Your documentation is split between Hosting, WordPress and Divi sections. This comprehensively runs through all the essentials to keep you website online, your content fresh and your website looking just how you like it.

Essential, practical and easy to follow guidance

You’ll see how to access and manage your running costs, email accounts and more with specific instructions for the Website Hosting company: SiteGround. The WordPress section is your guide to accessing and changing content as you require. It’s your one-stop destination to modify and add to your website in the future. All of your websites special features have controls within this panel. Documentation points you in the right direction in taking control. The Divi section gives you the basics to leverage the power of the worlds leading WordPress design platform.

Basic Documentation is specific to your website and ensures you have a point of reference as you take ownership. Think of it like your car owner manual, it helps you out with the need-to-knows and is conveniently on hand when needed. For the more serious work or improvements, you can always reach out to me to have further work undertaken. Depending on your preference, you may lean more on learning how to do-it-yourself or more toward hiring professional help.


Basic Documentation great for the essentials including:

  • All Your Website Login Details
  • How to Access Control Panels & Features
  • Manage Running Costs for Hosting
  • Control Content via WordPress
  • Make design changes with Divi
  • Managing Special Features specific to your website


Why do I need this level of instruction?

This documentation gives you more control over the essential running tasks for your website. I believe transparency and knowledge of your running costs, content control and design become your right when you invest in your website. These reference instructions mean you aren’t thrown into the deep end when you invest in your website. Your website is a digital asset and in order to get the most impact you need to know how to use it practically.

Basic Documentation ensures you have full awareness and control over your running costs and content. Even if you don’t take a hands on in-house approach, it’s nice to know that your website is designed to work for you. Where other developers leave you in the dark, I provide you with guidance just-in-case you should ever need it.

If your car lacked an owners manual you might need to pay the dealer to replace a bulb every time. Figuring things like that out alone would take more effort than the average person is willing to exert. Your car is complex, but you’re more than capable of doing essential maintenance. Your website is exactly the same. It’s complex, but designed to be easy to manage by you, the owner.

Your website is your digital asset, this entitles you to possess at least some guidance into ownership. You don’t need to be an expert (or pay big money to an expert) just to keep it working for you. It’s convenient to have this instruction on hand as well as the reassurance that professional help is there, but only when necessary. This is why I provide Basic Documentation for every client. You won’t find the same level of concern, transparency and control over your website from the competition.


What if I lose my copy?

You can log into the Client Area to receive the latest copy of Basic Documentation in PDF form as a free download. Physical copies are available on request but are subject to an administration fee. Contact me anytime to arrange having a physical copy sent to you.


What other support options do I have?

In addition to Basic Documentation that comes with your website, there are also One-to-One Training Sessions. Every website comes with one free complimentary One-to-One session with the handover of your website. Additional sessions can be arranged at an additional cost to support you with personal tuition on your website. Find out more about what this involves and the benefits by clicking here.