Every website is made up of individual website pages. Let’s use this website as an example. You’re currently viewing this post on the Learn or Features pages. Looking along the top of this page, you’ll see ‘Home‘, ‘Latest‘, ‘Packages & Pricing‘, ‘Why Me?‘ and ‘Learn‘. Each of these are website pages, known for short as ‘webpages’. Go and take a look at each, and come back to read more about website pages and what you need to know about them as part of your website project. 


What is a webpage?

What you can see on each of the website pages on this website are prime examples. Each displays information and is a little – or a lot – different from the last. You can have webpages setup to describe or showcase what your business does. The structure of your website is the structure of your website pages. The specific purpose of each page is very related to what your business does and wants the world to know. Your visitors can browse between your webpages in a few different ways, from the top of your website – its header. Look at the header on this website, it has its own menu with dropdown boxes. Visitors can click these links to move between pages. In addition to the header, you can click hyperlinks like this to move between pages.


How do I know which website pages to have on my site?

Some clients have a strong idea of how they want their website to look and what pages they want. It’s my job to make this a reality. But if you don’t have a solid idea of what might be appropriate for your website, you can either leave it to me or research it. A good place to start would be your competitors – but not local small firms, national firms. Other small firms may have had websites made by local agencies and be hit or miss in structure and impact. By looking at large national or international companies in your sector, you will see the best structure as determined by skilled marketing teams. But remember, I can come up with a total structure should you wish to leave it to me. 


How many webpages can I have on my website?

You can have a virtually unlimited number of pages on your website. Having the lowest reasonable number possible, with a clear and succinct purpose for visitors is the best approach. You can structure a single page, known as a landing page, to show just enough information simply presented which suits some businesses. However, too many pages is a no-no. Visitors will only be interested in what you have to say for so long, so be sure to make the impact in as little words (and clicks) as possible to deliver your message. 

Though every website in the world, including my websites built for you, can have unlimited pages, what I build for you depends on your Website Package. There are a set number of pages in each package, with the Basic Website having a predefined set and the Intermediate Website having 5 additional custom pages. The Advanced Website has unlimited required pages and content for the most demanding clients. 


Can I add or change a website page?

You can change, add and remove pages anytime once your website is finished. Your Basic Documentation (included with every one of my websites) will show you how to do this. It costs nothing and is a way of keeping your website up to date and relevant to your business for visitors. Unlike with social media, you aren’t confined to limited space or having competitors information shown alongside. 


What content can I have on a webpage?

Your imagination truly is the limit. You can have text, images, video, section dividers, colours, shapes and limitless combinations and variations of each together on a webpage. Taking a look at the Live Examples section of this site and visiting some examples is the best way to see the diversity and unique impact each design choice can make. Thanks to the Divi Design Platform, used on every one of my websites, you get a bespoke and beautiful design. You can leverage this platform in-house going forward on your website should you decide to make some changes in the future. 


How can I create content for my webpage?

This is the golden question with no single defined answer. Content on your website is its heart and soul. It’s like asking, what makes your business unique? The priorities in converting visitors into customers is a unique challenge that you will be aware of as a business owner. When designing your website,  I will use any marketing content you provide. But where this is absent, I will do my best to provide content. You can make changes to this any time should you wish to post-handover.