Every website package features Fixed Pricing. See exactly what you’ll pay and what is included without the guesswork. Know exactly what you’re getting: a website that you’ll be proud to represent your brand to the world.

Fixed Website Packages

Everything you need to get your business online.

Fixed Price Packages from Shane Bunting

Whichever of the packages you decide to opt for, you can rest assured knowing that everything you need to get online is included in the price. From hosting, a domain name, custom email addresses for your employees and everything in between. Every website also comes with a complimentary free 1 hour One-to-One Training Session that helps you understand how to access your website and make basic changes!

Explore each Website Package below:

Basic Website - Just £999

Great for most businesses that want a website to represent them online. This simple website is beautifully designed to represent your brand. It details your products, services, location and contact information – as well as any other important information such as your history or portfolio that your customers want to know about.

The pages are customised to your particular business. The main thing to know about this package is that it does not include much interaction from visitors, think of it like an online brochure which you can update from time to time. If you wish to take your website to the next level with an online store or booking system, check out the next package: The Intermediate Website. 

A typical example of how a Basic Website might be structured:

  • Homepage
  • Blog / News / Content Post Section
  • Services / Products / Portfolio Page
  • Pricing / Process (if applicable)
  • Contact / Find Us Page
  • About Page

Intermediate Website - From £1499

The Intermediate Website is the ideal option for businesses who wish to use their online presense to make sales or take bookings from customers. This includes having your products and services listed and having your payment methods setup. This is an excellent way to grow your business and customer base taking advantage of the internet.

This is in addition to the pages and information included on the Basic Website with the addition of that online store, booking system or other core main feature that suits your business. The main thing to know about this package is that if you plan to operate an online store or booking system, it’s best to ensure you have the time commitment to keep it up to date and manage customer orders daily – this can be a bit of work. Thankfully, I am on hand for One-to-One training to assist you get the hang of this – and can even work with your staff to help train them too – at an additional cost, though one complimentary hour of One-to-One personal training for your website is included on all packaged.

An example of some of the special core features that might suit your business:

  • One Special Feature from:
  • Online Store
  • Bookings
  • Subscriptions
  • Discussion Board
  • Any Custom Feature Request

Advanced Website - From £2499

The Advanced Website Package is for the business owner who intends to make their website a core function of their operation. This package includes everything from the Basic & Intermediate packages, except you can combine functionality. So, for example – you may have an online store to sell products, a booking system and even a discussion forum (e.g. to run an online support board for your customers / community). This website can do it all, depending on the requirements of your business. 

The thing to know about this package is that it is perfect for a small to medium sized business with the capacity to operate multiple operations daily online, from managing online orders to depending on the booking system to keep your staff and flow of customers organised. It is a powerful tool internally and in serving your customers, and requires a lot of time to get the best use from once finished.

Not sure which package is for you?

Don’t worry. From an Initial Consultation together, I can advise you on the best package for your business needs. I’ll help you decide which website best fits your budget and expectations as well as which is most suited to your industry.

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