You may have heard the term ‘content delivery network’ or CDN. This article will explain in plain English what a CDN is does and how it benefits your website. You don’t need to worry about the technical requirements, because every website I produce includes Cloudflare CDN for free. Keep reading to see how this benefits your website, in addition to all of the other leading technologies and features included in every one of my websites.


What benefits does a content delivery network provide?

  • Helps your website load faster with intelligent management of content servers. This means your visitors spend less time waiting for information to appear improving their experience.
  • This efficient practice means less energy is used by the website hosting company. This enables them to pass lower running costs to you and is better on the environment.
  • Better coping of high traffic to your website. As resources can be loaded in with less strain on the servers that host your site- reducing the risk of hardware failures causing downtime.

You can read much more in-depth to each of these and how a content delivery network technically works here over on Cloudflare’s website.

How do I set up and manage a content delivery network?

When I build your website, I use one of the world’s leading website hosting companies: SiteGround handles the operation of your Cloudflare CDN optimisation in the background, meaning there is no active work for you to worry about. However, you can rest assured knowing that you are benefitting from some of the leading optimisation techniques on the web today. This is one of many important features that I include across all of my Website Packages included within the price. Existing clients can get in touch if they have any questions about this part of their website. Why not talk to me about your website to benefit from this technology for your business? You’re just a click away from working with me on a new website.