Dynamic Caching is a technical term for a background process which improves the speed of your website. Every time a user clicks a link on your website a number of requests begin passing between servers to fulfil the request. More website traffic, more content and peak times can cause this process to slow down. The result? The risk of customers having to wait too long for content to load.

By keeping common requests and popular content ready to go in the memory of the server hosting your website. This is ‘caching’. Simply put, this means when many users are browsing your website they benefit from faster loading times.

This technology is working in the background and requires no input from you. It is active by default on all of my websites hosted on SiteGround. The parts of your website cached are intelligently temporarily stored. Cached sections expire and change in line with user traffic and requests. Think the product listings on your latest sale or the most important information customers read before making a booking.

This Learn section delivers a simple overview of technologies and features on websites that benefit my customers. If you want to learn much more then why not check out SiteGround’s article? SiteGround Dynamic Caching – Configuration, Headers, and Purging is an advanced explanation of Dynamic Caching.

In conclusion, Dynamic Caching is a setting that your website is already benefitting from. It is one of many tools in an arsenal of technologies delivering the most seamless user experience for your visitors. Check out more articles on the Learn section and find out how to get the most from your business website. Get in touch with Shane today to discuss your website project.