Why Shane?

Discover how I beat the competition by putting your needs first. From my streamlined process to the thoughtful personal support available to you and your staff. Your website will be second-to-none and you won’t find the same level of consideration elsewhere. Find out why below…

My Approach

A streamlined three-step approach to working together that results in a no compromises website. Regardless of your skill level or how much involvement you want in your project, you can depend on my unique process.

1. Initial Consultation

Our first meeting follows a Q&A structure so that I can figure out exactly how to match your project needs to a package that will deliver the ideal website for you. We discuss key details and your expectations.

2. Progress Review

In the middle of our project, you’ll get the chance to check-in and see the work-in-progress. This is your chance to suggest changes and ensure you’re happy with the progress so far – after all, it’s your website.

3. Handover

Finally, when your website is finished comes handover of the website. You receive full administrative details and a complimentary one hour One-to-One training session with me to question and learn about how to use your site.

How much involvement would you like?

Some people want the last say over every last detail of their website, tailoring the experience to ensure it’s precisely as they envisage for customers. Others don’t have the time, ideas or interest in spending any time in the nitty-gritty. Thankfully, when you work with me either option is fine and won’t compromise your website.

If you do wish to work more closely together, I am enthusiastic and have the time to truly collaborate in something unique – you won’t get the impression that you’re bothering me like you might find elsewhere. After all, it’s your website. If you prefer less involvement, you can still be sure your website will represent your brand beautifully and make an impression on your visitors – that’s my goal when making decisions for your website.

Additional Services

Optional services that enhance your website ownership experience and knowledge.

One-to-One Training

Find out more about your option as a client to arrange personal training which covers the topics you care about and progresses at your pace surrounding your website. These sessions are available to you or your staff to enable in-house excellence in managing your website.

Future Development

Some developers deliberately retain control over your website to force you to pay them down the line to make major changes. You have full control over your website when you work with me. However, time is money and I am on hand to undertake further work on your website should you need it.

Shane vs. Competition

Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the advantages I deliver compared to how things are typically done by other local firms and freelancers. You’ll find that I have meticulously crafted each part of my service to prioritise your concerns, priorities and needs.

Shane Bunting Website

A bespoke and impactful website, second-to-none.

  • Fixed Pricing: avoid price discrimination
  • Clear Packages: know exactly what you’ll get
  • Stunning Design: the Divi Design platform ensures your website is second to none in making an impact on your customers
  • Streamlined Development Process: read about the process and enjoy being able to choose your level of involvement without risking the quality of your project
  • Freelance Advantages: your cost isn’t paying for staff, office space or tax write-off cars, I can pass my comparatively low working costs on to you
  • Passion & Values: I love talking websites and don’t see it as a chore, I also put so much effort into improving my work process to make it easier for you, the client, having seen the disappointments that are considered a given in this kind of work
  • Your Digital Asset: the website I build for you is your digital asset, a powerful tool in marketing your business to the world. It’s fully in your name, your control and you don’t pay any fee to me whatsoever after handover, it’s all direct to the hosting company giving your company control over its expenses
  • Free Lifetime Corrections: I stand by my websites and will fix any issues from development regardless of when they’re spotted, from spelling mistakes to layout problems that might slip the net, you can rest knowing I am on hand to put it right

The Competition

Inferior process, inferior result…

  • Unknown Pricing: uncertain until it’s too late, likely based on a guess of how much you can afford
  • Unknown Results: it’s not clear or defined what you can expect or what quality of website you are committing to
  • Copycat Design: many small firms and other freelancers use the same cheap theme and make minimal changes per client, leaving you with a rigid and bland result
  • Dysfunctional Communication: who knows when or how much you need to push to get answers, and you’ll probably feel like you’re bothering them to find simple answers to your questions
  • Control Freaks: your website will likely be stored on their private server and ultimately under their control, encouraging you to pay them each year to keep your site online
  • Stock-Photomania: there’s nothing worse than generic, stock photos vaguely related to your industry to help your customers forget what they’re supposed to be reading, sadly a common way of bulking up projects by many competitors
  • You’re on your own: many competitors don’t offer personal training or even basic documentation when they finish a project. So hopefully you’re familiar with WordPress! Other training sources can’t train you on especially on your website either

Come on, it's time.

You’ve read about the horrors that some businesses are dragged through to end up with a website that the apprentice could have put together… Don’t let that be your firm!

About Shane

You’ve read all about what I do for my clients and what you can expect from me that sets me apart from the competition. If you want to know a bit more about me, click below.