Read about the clear differences that you won’t find anywhere else amongst other local freelancers or agencies. My streamlined approach can land you a superior website with as much or as little input and collaboration as you prefer. These aren’t just big claims – discover the detail by exploring below.

A Streamlined Approach.

Initial Consultation | Progress Review | Handover

Some clients have a clear idea of exactly what they need on their website and how they want it to look – and if you’re one of those clients you’re in luck. We can work on every detail of your site until it is perfected.

But what if you don’t have the time to get involved at a macro level? You’re also in luck. From as little as three discussions using my unique streamlined approach below, you will land that bespoke website with minimal hassle or involvement. You choose the level of involvement that suits you.

1. Initial Consultation

Our first meeting follows a Q&A structure so that I can figure out exactly how to match your project needs to a package that will deliver the ideal website for you. We discuss key details and your expectations.

2. Progress Review

In the middle of our project, you’ll get the chance to check-in and see the work-in-progress. This is your chance to suggest changes and ensure you’re happy with the progress so far – after all, it’s your website.

3. Handover

Finally, when your website is finished comes handover of the website. You receive full administrative details and a complimentary one hour One-to-One training session with me to question and see how to use your site.

How am I different to the competition?

Compare me side-by-side to the competition in the table below. You will experience each and every promise below and avoid the pitfalls of how things are typically done by other freelancers or agencies in Derry~Londonderry and in fact, across the UK.

Working with Shane Bunting

Fixed Pricing – Avoid price discrimination

Clear Packages – know exactly what you’re going to get

Bespoke Design – a design that will make an impact on visitors

Streamlined Process – involvement levels that suits you, no compromise

Freelance Pricing – my prices are lower due to working freelance

Full Control – you have full ownership and access of your website

One-to-One Training  – learn how to manage your website

Powerful Branding – A website you’d introduce to your mother!

The Competition

Uncertain Pricing – likely an estimate based on what they think you’ll pay

It’s not clear what exactly you’ll get or what you’re committing to

Usually a bland modification of a template used with the last client

Vague and unreliable communication when you have questions

Extortionate pricing to pay for their overheads which don’t benefit you

Usually stored on their server to get you to return for further changes

You’re on your own with no guidance or support at all

Usually full of [unlicensed] bland and forgettable stock photos