Every successful, trusted and well-known brand has its own company website. What device are you reading this on now? The manufacturer has an official website. How about the reseller where you bought it? They’ve got one too. And those suppliers you work with to run your business – each have their own website too.

Customers around the world have grown accustom to being able to find and explore the website of businesses they are interested in. From the comfort of their seat or where they stand, they can use their smartphone to learn all about the services and products on their mind.

Every company needs a website – but many say “I don’t need a website, I’m getting by without one”.


The misconceptions about not having a company website in 2021

Many small business owners have already justified not having a website for their firm. A study by Capital One discovered that only 56% of small businesses operated websites. Let’s quickly go through and smash two of the biggest misconceptions behind much of this logic.


A common excuse for not having a website in 2021 is that many businesses think that having Facebook is enough.

Many small and medium sized, locally operating businesses think that having Facebook ‘is enough’ for them. They have never had their own website and get by through Facebook shares and communicate with customers through the built-in social network messenger functionality.

This is a hot topic which will be covered a lot here on the site. The biggest issue with depending on Facebook is the limitation it places on you. For example, you can only promote a limited amount of your offering and story through a number of small fields specified by Facebook. Should Facebook decide to change how business pages look or work, you’ll be affected. It’s costing you time and effort to keep up with Facebook’s attempts to stay fresh.

Facebook is above all else, an advertising company in 2021. Though we visit to see what our friends are up to for ‘free’, Facebook is capitalising on our data and attention with its advertising platform. You might have even paid for some Facebook ads, which can be effective, and you know the value of this for a small business like yours. That’s great… except: picture this… You’ve spent £100 on Facebook ad credits for the month. What if your rival is spending £200 a month and has the same clientele in your area. You can bet that as the highest paying customer, Facebook is putting your competitors business ahead of yours.

Contrast this with a company website. Your website doesn’t limit you on how you present your business to customers. You’re free to structure it and present what you do in the way you know will impact your customers most effectively. As your website is your business asset, you control the content and do not have to share it, or let it promote your competitors unlike social networks.


Business owners feel that running a website is complicated, time consuming and offers no tangible benefit to their small business

A lot of small business owners accept that ‘the big companies’ need a website. But they still don’t believe in spending their hard earned money or valuable time in making and running one. They believe that setting up a website could be an endless expense and that once it’s finished, a headache to keep up to date and run. But is this true? Your time is valuable. You should only spend money on things that will directly contribute to your business.

These things don’t need to be true. Sure, some developers will gladly overcharge you for their services and make the development process seem complicated to justify a hefty fee. However, working with a developer like me (Shane Bunting) with a transparent fixed price policy and clearly defined packages minimises the expense of building a website. The hassle element is also eliminated because I build your website for you, using only the leading technologies that are easy to run by clients. I also offer personal training to help you understand how to run your website and give you documentation free to help you do all the essential tasks in-house easily.

So having had a website set up at a great value and knowing how to run it confidently, how can it benefit your business? Let’s explore the benefits and growth potential of a website for your business.


The benefits of a company website for your business

A company website is as unique as your business itself. The more ambitious you are about your online presence, them more growth of your business you can experience from it.


Market your business around the clock, and around the world

So you operate 9-5 and your premises is ideal for attracting and tempting visitors to become customers by purchasing your products. So what about after hours? People think of solutions to their problems around the clock, whatever they are doing. They are using the smartphones in their pockets to search for products, services and ideas that might involve your business.

Your website appearing in the Google search results is a quick way for customers to become fully engaged in your stories about how your brand and product was the match made in heaven to solve their problem at hand.

They can read all of the rich content you make available, presented in the best way possible, any time of day or night – wherever and whatever they are doing. That sure beats a limited view of your business on Facebook, or worse, a competitor stealing your thunder because they do have a website. Instead, why not choose a website built using the world-leading The Divi Design Platform?


Sell products and services anytime

When your business is closed, you can’t sell to customers. That is of course, unless you have your own company website. Your site is available online and can securely process payment information and generate invoices and receipts for customers in seconds. This means you can effectively make money even when you’re out of the premises.

Sure, you could sell via an online marketplace or ‘shop platform’ – but why give up any of your profit with commission and high fees that you could otherwise be banking? Your website is under your control and works to serve your business only.

In the past year, we have seen the devastating impact of Covid-19 and how the forced closure of many small businesses has caused many to outright fail. Businesses which were able to continue trading safely online performed better. Even large retailed Primark – which never sold its products online before – made massive changes to continue to generate income by restructuring to begin selling online. If you’re a ‘non-essential’ business, you could be retaining your sales during this tough time. Consumers are now at home more and some having more money to spend on things to entertain themselves, could ordering your products be their next purchase?

The use of an Online Store or Booking System if you run a service based business could be the key to how your website generates income for your business.


Maybe your competitor already has a company website?

Imagine customers in your area in need of your services and products are already searching Google and looking for the things you are ready to sell them. Even in normal times, some customers may not be able to browse on Facebook to stumble upon your page or stroll down the high street and notice your shopfront. A quick Google search is all it takes, but not if you don’t own a website to appear there. Does that mean your customer misses out? Absolutely not.

You should go and look for your competitors websites. It’s highly likely that some of them already have website, even if they are simple static websites stating what they do and where they’re based. This is where those consumers are being pointed to when they search on the web for services and products like yours.

You’re losing out. Your competitors are gaining. All because you thought you didn’t need a website and that it wouldn’t benefit your business enough. This doesn’t need to be the case, and it’s better to arrive late to the game – especially with a superior website – to wow your customers and help you business succeed.


So how can you get a website?

We’ve busted the primary misconceptions. We’ve covered the main benefits and ways your website will boost your businesses success through sales and bookings. The only question now is, are you ready to do something about it?

For a website that suits your needs and goals online, which won’t cost a fortune or miss the mark – Why Me?. My three-step streamlined process means regardless of your skill level, availability or vision for your website I can still deliver a stunning result for you. If you want to know how to easily run your website you’ll have the option of personal One-to-One Training Sessions directly from me at your pace.

It’s cheaper and easier than you think to get your company online. Now that you’ve got some solid motivation to get online – why not check out my Packages & Pricing? Thanks for taking the time to read this article – feel free to Contact if you have any further questions about making your company website a reality.